The modern Sydney dentist is bombarded with different products, concepts and techniques that may not always benefit the ultimate aim of caring for our patients. Dental care has changed dramatically in the last twenty years of my practice, especially with the advent of adhesive dentistry. It has allowed us to practice minimally invasive dentistry or “bio-mimetic” dentistry to conserve teeth, not only reinforcing teeth but recreating beautiful aesthetic restorations that replicate the appearance, feel and function of the natural dentition.

Furthermore, the life changing introduction of dental implants has made a major impact to our patients’ well being—giving back the aesthetics, function and self confidence that a perfect smile can provide. We are in truly exciting times in dentistry. The work that science and technology permits has significantly enhanced the work of dentists, and this surely benefits patients all over the world.

As a healthcare provider, I understand that it is my aim to provide clear and practical clinical suggestions to the daily challenges facing the dentist, and offer methods that are a product of both my experience and also the latest research in dentistry. This blog will, hopefully, offer you a better grasp of things, so that you can make an informed decision about your options. As you read through this dental blog, you will notice that, on occasion, there will be guest posts written by fellow dentists and technicians to share with you the latest in dental industry. To be able to give you all the necessary information, I will invite people to share the spotlight.

Dentistry is a passion for me. My drive and successes in the field is fuelled by this very passion and it will be evident in the pages of this dental blog. I hope that you find the information useful in your pursuit of the best dentistry that you can offer for both a happy patient and dental team!

Dr. Christopher Ho
Sydney Dentist