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3M True Definition Scanner – the way of the future with Digital impressions

smallest camera with 3D technology

3M True Definition Scanner

The CAD CAM technology has brought amazing contributions to various industries and in Dentistry, Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacturing is offered in the form of CEREC, (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics). Through the CAD CAM, digital technology is conveniently and practically utilized to provide patients with a better treatment option. Removing the laboratory technician from the picture, ceramic restorations (be it crowns, veneers or fillings) are fabricated by the Sydney dentist using a machine and are delivered to the patient, on the same day.

CAD CAM CEREC is definitely impressive. Those who are able to afford it can enjoy its amazing features, but it really still remains to be costly—enter 3M True Definition Scanner, 3M’s answer to the expensive digital diagnostic technology. Especially with the developments with this technology, coming in the following years, you can expect so much more from it.

  1. Precision. Digital technology allows perfect recording of detail that no other impression material can exactly manufacture. A lot of discrepancy occur with the use of rubber impression materials—and a lot of things are at play here. The digital picture produces accurate models that will aid in the success of the overall treatment process.
  2. Ease. Boxer Calvin Klein Baratos On the side of the patient, going digital will mean no mess and hassle-free cast fabrications. Dental impressions can be quite uncomfortable. The trays are forced into the mouth along with the rubbery material and it often brings the patient to gag. Digital imaging removes the need for this. Records and models are created easily.
  3. Collaboration. With the technology, users enjoy a cloud-based system of collaboration between the dentist, laboratory and others. This makes diagnosis and fabrication so much easier.
  4. Today there are already several machines available, but the 3M True Definition Scanner is the one that has the smallest camera with 3D video capability. Tangas Calvin Klein Baratos Through this technology, dentists are able to capture and simultaneously view a true replica of the oral anatomy.

    There remains some discrepancy with the workflow, however, but I remain hopeful that things will be resolved eventually. Today, it still takes a few days for actual models to be fabricated, which poses the inquiry of whether or not such models are actually necessary. “Do we really need models?” – if the machine is so accurate we may be able to be “model-less” for the simple cases.